​​​​Monday: The Big Club

3 slices of multi grain toast, ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce tomato a special sauce

Soup: Chicken Noodles

Soup: Broccoli Cheddar

Soup: Rustic Tomato Basil (vegan)


Taco Tuesday: choice of 3

Carnitas, ground beef or chicken with lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream

Soup: Chicken and White Bean

Soup: Black Bean and Rice (vegan)
Soup: Jalapeno cheddar corn chowder (vegetarian)


Wednesday: Waterfords Cheese Steak Bar

Thin sliced steak cooked in front of you with choice of toppings in a toasted amoroso from Philidelphia


Soup: Loaded Potato



Thursday: Pasta Action Bar

choose from fresh veggies, meats and sauce made in front of you


​Soup: Chicken Tetrazzinni
Soup: Italian Wedding


Stir Fry-day

made at the action bar with choice of veggies and sauce

Soup: Curry Chicken

Soup: Creamy Mushroom Parmesan


Breakfast and Lunch Specials

​​​Week of Monday November 12th, 2018

​​​Lunch Special $9.99
Specials Always come with a drink and either a cup of soup or 2 sides​

Special offer: buy 10 specials get 1 free

New Double Cheese Burger Special $10.00

Burger special come with ketchup, mustard, pickles and a bag of chips 

Join these lucky winners by ordering the special today

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